PTC Advertising Rates

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$0.000033 exposure cost 1 credits
$0.0001 exposure cost 2 credits
$0.0002 exposure cost 4 credits
$0.0005 exposure cost 7 credits
$0.0010 exposure cost 10 credits
$0.0020 exposure cost 20 credits
$0.0050 exposure cost 50 credits
$0.0100 exposure cost 100 credits
$0.0200 exposure cost 200 credits
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Thnx For Information
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please accept my widrow request?
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What is your case? You can't withdraw yet as you didn't met clicks requirement. Also it depend on which payment processor you will use and on current promo on withdrawals. Standard minimum to payout is $1. Please read everything what is written on withdrawal page. When you request for withdrawal from that page of course we'll process your withdrawal quickly. Also please use good practice and ask for support not here in advertising section, but in support thread or contact us via our support ticket departament.
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