Started by may0311 2017-02-11 at 23:31
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Hola admin, he intentado dos veces cobrar el mínimo por bitcoin que es de 0.03 y al enviarlo me dice que espere 24h y cuando vuelvo a entrar me hace el reembolso de mi pago y nunca llega a mi billetera de bitcoin que puedo hacer para que mi pago se envíe correctamente a mi billetera?
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Once again to teach new comers. If you see withdrawal limits lower than $1 it mean we have promo for withdrawals. The promos can start and end at any time, so if you saw promo $0.25 minimum eg. for withdrawals via bitcoin it mean you can withdraw at 25 cents at this moment when you see it and it doesn't mean you will be able to withdraw at the same level after 5 minutes or 2 weeks. Promo can be extended or decreased at any time or simply it can be ended and official $1 minimum payout will apply.

At this moment minimum for btc is 35 cents and it can be changed at any time. Our minimum (official) for withdrawal is $1.